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ALRIGHT, here’s a post I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while. Ahead is just a bunch of tips and advice that I’ve picked up over time. I’m no professional and I still have a ton to learn, but I hope you can benefit from this regardless!

also, sorry for the formality of the fancy graphics, there are some cool people who know how to make things look organized without using these types of things but sadly i am not one of them.

Often, I’ll hear an artist say something like, “I want to draw (insert subject here), but I don’t know how to draw girls!” 

Never be deterred from drawing something because you don’t know how to draw it. If you don’t know how to draw a girl, look up some references, and start learning how to draw girls. You’re not going to learn anything by sitting around and saying you want to draw something but you can’t. If you only draw things you are comfortable with drawing, you won’t grow as an artist. 

Challenge yourself! Draw something you’ve never drawn before. Sure, the first time it’s going to probably not be very good. But then try it again. And again. Remember, there is no where to go but up, so as long as you practice you will only get better at it. 

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Digital Skin Painting Tips from Muddy Colors

Avoid simple gradients. You cannot obtain convincing skin if you only add black and white to a basic skin tone. It’s more complex than that.

   Of course, all skins are different but you can try this :

      - A little bit of olive green on the shadow.

      - A little bit of blue under the eyes (lower lids).

      - A little bit of red on the cheek bones.

Just work with low opacity (0 - 5%), on a separeted layer and with the soft round brush.



Wheew. Enjoy!


FUN WITH PHOTOSHOP BRUSH SETTINGS is a set of tutorials I’m making, because I realized there’s a lot I don’t know about brush settings :D. I’ve learned so much so far, I hope you guys find them useful as well!

Making more of these as we speak,
- Brush tip shape & Brush Pose (which was supposed to be part 1 but I finished this one first :D) STAY TUNED!



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Women In Animation, the professional, non-profit organization for women involved in all aspects of the animation industry, has announced the launch of a professional mentoring program. Designed to empower, educate and support mentees by increasing their industry knowledge and access to information through relationships with experienced animation talent, the WIA mentoring program is open to WIA members in the greater Los Angeles area for its initial run.

The WIA mentoring pilot program is scheduled to run for six months, from October 2014 through March 2015. Based on the outcome of the pilot program, WIA hopes to expand the program to offer mentorships in an ongoing basis in Los Angeles as well as within other participating WIA chapters around the world.